Dear Rick Steves – Hotel Reservations

Dear Rick Steves,

You might remember me from the New York Times Travel Show, I was the one with the only copy of Europe through the Backdoor, the one with the wife watching the Frommers instead of queueing for your autograph…. anyway… how the hell do you make your reservations?

It’s been a mixed bag for me. Many of the ‘budget’ (…laugh, how many euros to the American peso???) hotels of europe, as recommended in your august volume, only have a phone number. They don’t take reservations on their website (or pretend to but ignore all requests), and are not listed on any travel booking sites.

No problem, just pick up the phone! Ahhhh, the trouble begins!

There is a good chance that at the other end of the line is Geppetto the simple wood carver who wants you to email them your credit card information [why not just ask to photo copy it 5000 times to hand out to strangers in Times Square?], or the person you need to talk to is not there, can you please call back at 9am (no, for that be 3am New York time).

Even if you have a pleasant chat with a PhD in English and Hospitality services, the confirmation you were promised does not arrive leaving you to wonder if you will be sleeping on the street.

Please Mr Steves, as the heavyweight of PBS, you owe your adoring fans an answer, a comforting blanket of your advanced wisdom to snuggle in, or at least access to a fax machine. You also need to find some nice budget hotels with more than 2 rooms, so there is some chance of being able to stay there!

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  • LOL I loved this!!! Isn’t this how everything works these days!!!! Please let us know if you really wrote to him and if he responded!

  • He’s just going to have to read our blog like everyone else! I think there will me more letters to him before long.

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