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Random Musings

For some reason almost every time we have ordered sparkling water they have brought us San Pellegrino…which is fine but it is Italian. Perrier is bottled in the Languedoc so you would think they would give us that. Maybe that makes it too common. I don’t know. We had a parking incident when we went […]


Bathing with hippies

A group of us set of to see a castle, at Sarah’s prompting. I would love to tell you all about the Castle itself, but I’m not an approved historian. What I will say is, it was old, made of stone and at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. As it […]

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Wedding Party

As it turns out I can party like it’s 1999 if I pace myself. The wedding ceremony was Friday at 4:00 with the drinking and canapes starting immediately after. From then on it was non-stop until midnight Saturday night with a 6 hour sleep break thrown in. There was a formal dinner with free flowing […]

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First Hours in France

Since the rental at the winery doesn’t start until tomorrow we are staying at a hotel tonight. I picked a place that is a 16th Century castle! It is really a castle too, not some trumped up manor house. The walls are 2 feet thick, there are no windows on the first floor and we […]

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Off to France tomorrow

Once again we are getting ready to hit the road (well air). The cat has not yet been informed, but he knows something is going on.

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