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Last Day In Rome

Our last day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather – bright blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. We thought we would go to the famous Sunday flea market where we could fight off the gypsy pick pockets, but in the end we decided to sleep in for a change.  You have […]

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The tables have turned!

Amy here again – Okay yesterday I made you jealous with my dinner description. Today you can feel sorry for me.  The elevator in our hotel has been broken for two days.  We are on the fourth floor and each floor has 20 steps. You do the math! Plus there are a dozen steps just […]

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Delicious Food

It’s Amy again – Okay, Sarah just posted about not spending money on designer originals – but what she didn’t say was that she is more than willing to spend money on good food.  We just returned from our one specially planned dinner for this trip. Lots of little courses of heavenly food. I wish […]

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How the other half lives

This morning we went to the Galleria Borghese, which was once privately owned by the Borghese family. Apparently, they had more money than they knew what to do with so they bought fantastic art to decorate their villa. It has some extremely beautiful sculptures including several by Bernini that seem like they couldn’t possibly have […]

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It Took Me Awhile!

It’s Amy this time. Hey, remember the old adage – “Toss a coin in the Fountain of Trevi and you will return to Rome”  Well, let’s see – I last did that in 1968!!!  Yeah it definitely took me a while but I made it!! Today we had one of Sarah’s favorite death marches. We […]

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2 Things

1) Your bratty child is not as cute as you think he is! 8 hours and 58 minutes of getting to know him was more than enough for me. Also, cut his hair. The white boy ‘fro makes him look constantly a little surprised, like he just stuck his finger in a light socket. 2) […]

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Sarah gets ready for Rome

Coming soon: Sarah and Amy head for Italy

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Final Random Musings

Dear Rick Steves: You have been much maligned in this blog in the past (mostly by Andy but I usually agreed with him) but in your Paris guide book you seem to have gotten it right. I found your suggestion to head to the Marais for shopping on Sunday to be right on the money. […]

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I am waiting at the airport, I am waiting at the airport, I am waiting at the airport. The first security check happens when you get in line to check in. For some reason these people decide to ignore me so I ignore them. Then when I get to the counter to check in a ruckus […]

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Adequate Photos

I have posted some photos from today which, while not great, are fairly interesting to look at. Next time I go away I will be bringing a photographer with me!

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