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Dear Rick Steves: Vernazza

Dear Rick Steves, I know you love Vernazza, it appears to be one of your favorite places in Europe. Your photo is in establishments all over town. I have however a few points you may wish to note in future guides. An eatery may to the untrained eye be open. The door open with menu […]

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Don’t come here without serious cash

Venice; what a wonderful city!!! Possibly the most expensive city to visit in the world (and I worked in Tokyo), and apparently the most visited! Cruise ships arrive each morning unleashing hoards of visitors on the city, to the point that you cannot move – no wonder the city is sinking, it doubles in weight […]

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Andy makes a friend

When we were walking through Marienplatz, which is the main square in Munich, we stopped to watch some street entertainers. They were singing and dancing, a sort of hip-hop type thing. I was compelled to stop and watch because they were sooo bad (and that is my professional opinion!). While we were standing there, one […]

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Wiener Waltzer

Vienna is a beautiful city. It has wide, tree filled boulevards lined with imposing buildings. The old town area is filled with cobblestone streets that have been pedestrianized, so you can window shop to your hearts content. It is also a city that is full of music. There are multiple opportunities to see concerts and […]

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I have been to Vienna many times before (for work and pleasure), and I love the place. I find it to be full of the most beautiful buildings around in such a wonderful state of maintenance, that you would believe that it was Disney. Austria has only one obvious industry – tourism, and it is […]

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While we were in Munich we went to Dachau, which is the first concentration camp set up by the Nazi’s prior to World War II. The entire site has been designated a memorial, however only a few of the actual buildings of the time remain, one of these now houses a museum. It is very […]

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Dear Parent/Guardian

Dear Parent/Guardian, I am writing to you about our recent trip to Munich. Overall it was a fairly enjoyable experience, blighted only by your sons/daugthers constant vomiting. Granted, given lax alcohol legislation and the excitement of you son/daughter being on a trip, it is understandable that a little overindulgence may occur. The “Euro Youth Hotel” […]

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New photos in the gallery

Galleries from Colmar and Neuschwanstein now added!

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We spent this past weekend in the town of Füssen, which is at the base of the Bavarian Alps. The only reason we had planned on going there was because we couldn’t find any kind of accommodation in Munich for those two days. I looked at the rail map and Füssen was the end of […]

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It’s confirmed that our flight from Singapore to Sydney is on the new airbus A380, as seen here update: yes it’s the big one, and it will be operated by singapore airways

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