Attention B&N

We went to a Starbucks the other day (I know, but sometimes you want a whole cup of coffee not just an espresso shot!). They had a wonderful thing. On your receipt there is a six digit code. If you need to use the bathroom you type that code into a key pad on the door to gain entry. What a great idea! Think if we started that at B&N. It would prevent all of the crazies from coming in and using the bathroom. They would actually have to purchase something (and I don’t mean dinner at Old Country Buffet)!

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  • Maybe that would take care of the magazines that end up in the mens room

  • ha ha ha ha ha love it!

  • I resent that! I loved to use the B&N bathroom when I worked at OCB. SOOOO much cleaner!

  • Whoa! That’s an excellent idea. BTW, OCB’s bathroom is gross b/c our ex-janitor (male) is cleaning there now. They say he uses the same mop to clean the bathroom AND the dining area! ARRRRGH.

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