Sarah starts an unusual collection

Sarah has taken it upon herself to start collecting animal poo! She is doing very well at it so far, the pride of the collection being an “Everest” of Horse dung, acquired in a small street, outside a grocery store. Today she has taken to the more mundane dog excrement.

Clean Shoe

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  • And I’ll bet you thought you wouldn’t have to take any more s***! Well, better from animals than customers, I’m thinking.

  • I do have to say that the animals don’t try to make me feel stupid! And while they can’t help where they go, they don’t smear it all over for no reason!

  • I can’t believe where that blog entry lead to.
    Oh my!!!!! Dee really does have a way with words.

  • Jeez I miss our B&N in-between-customers-and in the break-room-conversations!! Really! no sarcasm. I am the child of dairy farmers. I know animal poop, believe me.

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