4 million vineyards in Alsace…

…and I picked to go to the one with a view of the ultra quaint industrial park! (See photo gallery Alsace)

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  • I thought Andy was kidding about the segways until I saw the pic. Was that fun? I was under the impression that they were kind of difficult to “master” (PS loved the “cheese and snow” reference)

  • Ye olde quainte industrial park……I want to try a segway. Did you run anyone over???

  • Rob was sooo jealous that you got to ride a Segway. And I quote: “ooohhhh, MAAANNN!! I want one!!”
    How fast do they go anyway?
    Fast enough to run down one of Andy’s blue haired cranky old ladies? Reminds me of Maxine, that Shoebox (Hallmark) card cartoon lady. Remember her?

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