Should we watch cheese or snow?

In Strasbourg we are staying at a “quaint” 2 star hotel, that as Andy mentioned has a best feature of being close to the train station so that we didn’t have to walk very far with our luggage! In general, it really is a fine hotel (although since we used “points” to stay at a 5 star hotel in Paris coming here was a little more of a shock). First off, the bed. It is too small for Andy. His feet hang off the end and all of the bedding comes un-tucked when he tries to get in it. When he finally accomplishes it I have to skinny thru the three inches of space between where his feet are hanging off the end and the wall, climb in next to the other wall and try not to move for the next 8 hours. Super comfortable. The other issue is the heat. There isn’t any. The bedroom remains bearable if you keep a sweater on at all times, the bathroom, however, is another story. It seems to be about 33 degrees at all times. Best of all there is no hair dryer. I have stayed in B&B’s in Ireland with 4 rooms that provided a hairdryer, how can this place not have one!! That means that I have had to get out of my shower into an icy cold bathroom and then go out with wet hair. We do have a TV in our room. It gets two channels, both in French of course. That’s a real benefit! Oh, and the same girl is always on duty downstairs. She checked us in, she fills the breakfast bar, and she served us drinks later at the bar next door (it is connected to the reception desk, by a curtained doorway, so she doesn’t have to go far for that!). She does make it easy on us by wearing the same gray shirt everyday so she is easy to identify.

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