Dear Parent/Guardian

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am writing to you about our recent trip to Munich.

Overall it was a fairly enjoyable experience, blighted only by your sons/daugthers constant vomiting. Granted, given lax alcohol legislation and the excitement of you son/daughter being on a trip, it is understandable that a little overindulgence may occur.

The “Euro Youth Hotel” was surprisingly quiet and comfortable, but our first experience of a hostel, one with shared bathroom facilities, also meant that we had to share those facilities with your son’s/daughters’s copious amounts of vomit, which by miraculous happenstance and great aim missed the toilet entirely on each occasion, on each night of our stay.

We managed to drink merrily in many of Munich’s fine drinking establishments; on our first night we went on an enjoyable “beer tour” eating sausage at the Pauliner brewery, sitting with the regulars at the “Stammtisch” table at the Schneider beer hall, and supping on October-fest brew at the crowded but fun Hofbräuhaus. We did not carpet the floor!

We toured the city by foot, having a beer and pretzel lunch in the Viktualien market, dinner in a rustic pub, organ recital in the Cathederal, and happy hour in the hostel bar. We did not clog the sink.

We visited the fascinating “Deutches Museum”, the Botanical Gardens and the quaint Hirschgarten beer garden, where Sarah washed our beerglasses in the traditional manner. We did not, however, redecorate the bathroom!

Why then did your son/daughter?

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  • I guess there are some advatages to being a little more mature?????

  • Hey Did I say we were to Horseheads Brewery??? well we haven’t thrown up yet — but MMMM mmmm good Beeer
    Megen and Steve

  • Why? Because they are our precious and perfect son/daughter, and are therefore entitled to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it, without any comment or criticism from you, silly!

  • First let me say, Andy most certainly has a future in creative writing. Travel book, anyone? That’ll be your next career move(s). 🙂
    Second, regarding all the, er, ….repeated viewing of stomach contents….Ewwww.
    Reminds me of living in the dorm. My deep sympathies. But God I loved the “parent/guardian” missive. :0
    Somehow, we all end up telling poop/throw-up stories, don’t we? (at B&N, etc…)

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