Andy makes a friend

When we were walking through Marienplatz, which is the main square in Munich, we stopped to watch some street entertainers. They were singing and dancing, a sort of hip-hop type thing. I was compelled to stop and watch because they were sooo bad (and that is my professional opinion!). While we were standing there, one of their friends (they were all dressed in bright yellow t-shirts and bright yellow knit caps) came over to us. He first tried to talk to us in German which we were able to ignore. Then he switched to English. First, he said “Can I talk to you for a minute?” and Andy made a noncommittal grunt, which he clearly took for an assent. So then he said “Are you interested in Jesus Christ, our Savior?”. Andy turned to him and replied “Not Really”. The funny thing was, we were on our way to Munich’s cathedral to go to a concert of religious organ music.

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  • Ah yes, those hip-hopping born-agains, a must-see, be sure to email your friend Steves about it so he can include it in his next “guidebook”.

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