Medical tourism

It is becoming more and more popular to go to countries where labour is cheap to receive high quality health care. There is concern that the treatment will not be a good as home, but according to the World Health Organization, there are 36 countries which offer better treatment than the US (and this includes Columbia, among other surprising entries), so home is nothing much to shout about! Thailand is a country which has seriously latched on to the growing trend and you can hardly move in Chiang Mai without seeing a swanky medical or dental clinic offering cheap treatment. In fact there’s a dentist right by our hotel…that’s where I’ve just been!

I’ve had my teeth serviced and while I was at it, I had them whitened, in less than an hour and at a cost far lower than in the States for a similar whitening treatment. In fact much lower, so much so that you could almost buy a return flight to thailand, buy some factor 30 sun block, check in at the Chiang Mai thai house, have the treatment and spend 2-3 days relaxing by the pool and still come home with change!

I’m very happy with the result and will spend the rest of the day smiling

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  • I’m sure we’re all waiting for the before and after photos!

  • Airfare, hotel and a complimentary transplant – it’s the wave of the future, folks.

  • I lost my last comment somehow, somewhere.. but I love your blogs and laughing at SPH and Holiday blends and heaven or hell. I am sure there is a circle in hell for the Holidays at B&N and heaven…?? What is a guru? Spell it…Gee You Are You G.U.R.U..Stay strong peace

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