Great Ocean Road to Melbourne

We picked up our rental car to start our three day drive along the south coast from Adelaide to Melbourne. The drive could be completed in one long day, but we had decided to stop and see the many attractions on offer along the way.

Fortunately, things improved after the first stop. About one hour out of Adelaide, Sarah had to pee, so we pulled in to Dundee’s Hotel & Wildlife Park. Sarah had got all worked up over the prospect of holding replies and petting the wallabies, but it was closed, so we had to make do with playing the ‘pokies’, or slot machines which are ever present in South Australia, and always appear to be open. I won $2!

The rest of the first days driving was fairly tedious, we were not on the coast at this point and the weather had turned a bit miserable, with overcast skies and occasional rain.

We eventually turned up in Port Fairy, which is actually on the coast. We booked into a quaint old bluestone fishermans cottage, which upset the fisherman a bit, but pleased Sarah as they has a gas fire!!! We had dinner of pie and chips in the oldest pub in Victoria, and went to a nearby town with a reconstructed fishing village to see a laser show about the wrecking of the “Loch Ard”.

The next day we took to the road again. A detour from the coast towards the town of Timboon which is home to lots of food products, especially cheese, and the Timboon distillery. Back to the coast, we saw most of the famous sights including the “12 Apostles” and the wreck site of the Loch Ard. Again the weather was a little sucky but we did get to see koalas on our trip through the hills. We spent the night in Apollo Bay, famous for it’s surfing – but not today.

More coast on day three, but we did take a small stop so I could do some loop-the-loops and barrel-rolls over the coast in a biplane.

The sun was out at last as we approached Melbourne. We had a nice dinner and a walk about the streets. The next day we wandered about a bit, enjoying the weather and taking in this most pleasant city. We ended our trip to Melbourne watching 3 transvestites sing Pat Benatar songs on a fiberglass Ayres rock… beat that!

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  • been looking at clip’s of the show –was it a bit like billy connely- style.. am sure it would be a laugh …

  • Oh those daring young men in their flying machines…
    did the plane go upside down—megen

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