I am waiting at the airport, I am waiting at the airport, I am waiting at the airport. The first security check happens when you get in line to check in. For some reason these people decide to ignore me so I ignore them. Then when I get to the counter to check in a ruckus ensues because I don’t have a security sticker on the back of my passport. After this gets straightened out I proceed through regular security to get to the gate. Something makes me beep when I go through the metal detector so I get the full body pat and bag search. Cool, a massage first thing in the morning. Once I am through security I find it odd that 90% of the gate areas are roped off but I don’t give it too much thought as I get in line for a coffee. Soon it becomes clear that the ropes are up because we will be going through another security check where everyones bag will be opened and everyone will be getting the full body pat down. This also means that once you go through this, there is no access to bathrooms, food, or shops. I wait in this line for almost two hours texting the few people I can think of who might be awake at 4am to keep myself from being the passenger who does go ballistic! Finally we are all sitting and waiting and they call for the first class passengers to board. Oh wait, just kidding. They bring them back inside and have them sit down. Now they have made an announcement that due to security concerns on our plane our flight has been delayed indefinitely! I have to go to the bathroom at this point so I do and come back and go through the full body pat down and bag search yet again. As I write this they are boarding the 12:50 flight to Newark five gates away which appears to have no problems and will be leaving on time! WTF!!!

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  • Look on the bright side, at least you’re less likely to have someone with exploding pants sitting next to you (though I suppose it depends on them refrigerating the in flight meal for the duration of the delay)!

  • ivor Patterson

    Jan 11th, 2010

    after eating snails — probably make anybody’s pants explode— enjoy flight home…

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