Last Day In Rome

Our last day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather – bright blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. We thought we would go to the famous Sunday flea market where we could fight off the gypsy pick pockets, but in the end we decided to sleep in for a change.  You have to get to the market by 8:00am if you don’t want to be crushed by the crowds. We just couldn’t get going that early after days of walking and sightseeing.  So we had a late breakfast, toured an art museum in the beautiful Palazzo Barberini and then wandered around shops etc. Ate a late lunch in the Piazza Navona, had a little gelato (of course) and now are deciding where to go for dinner.  All in all a relaxing last day.  Of course we went back to the Fountain of Trevi to toss in the traditional coin to bring us back to Rome someday.

Sarah is a fantastic tour guide.  I don’t know how she seems to be able to figure out exactly how to get to wherever we are going down a million twisty turny little streets but she somehow always knows.  And of course she can always provide the history lesson to go with it.  I think she missed her calling.   She should be a professional tour guide!

So that’s it for now.  See you all back in the snowy cold U.S!

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  • Cathy Roe

    Jan 9th, 2011

    Loved the posts and the pictures! Can’t wait to hear stories in person. Have a safe trip home. C

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