Heaven or hell; not sure yet

We arrived in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and after a small difficulty navigating the labyrinthine terminal we, and our luggage were soon in the prearranged car on the 3 hour drive to the small resort town of Hua Hin. The Hilton resort is paradise; clean, friendly with every amenity you could desire and a pool to die for. The problem is the weather outlook was none to good, with foreboding clouds blanketing the sky. Dull though it was, we went to the pool area to enjoy the 80+ degree climate, and I promptly turned a bright pink – not too bad….yet!

That evening we went to the near by brew pub to enjoy something completely missing from out time in India – STEAK! It was most tasty and we felt sated, and as we hardly slept over the previous days, we called it an early night. It was 2am when I saw my steak again, in a not very digested form. It was later in the day Sarah lost hers but at least in the right direction if a little too fast!

GREAT, we are in a nice place with lots of nice looking eateries and now we fall ill (nice looking does not mean hygienic, easily observed in the “fresh” fish enjoying the unrefrigerated afternoon sun).

After some time we feel well enough to venture out and head to the pool. I have an aerosol spray sunblock, which was liberally applied as per instructions. My lesson for this day is that like you should never use spray cans of paint to recolour your car, you should not use spray cans of sunblock to cover your body, as it only appears to really take directly under the stream of the nozzle. I now have a more severe sun burn on my back, but one which reveals a pasty white mark of Zorro. I spent the day out of the sun!

This evening we had a beautiful candlelit meal on the beach, hopefully it will not poison us!

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  • Sounds awful to me, I don’t remember anything like that in The King and I, and I must have watched it at least 4 times. You just can’t trust Hollywood. But I think maybe you need to move on, and fast……

  • Hey there Sarah & Andy..long time since I last wrote and I know it can seem like hell but just remember what one of the circles of hell is: Holidays at Barnes & Noble. words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup they slither while they pass they slip away across the universe pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind possessing and caressing me Jai Guru De Va Om nothing’s gonna change my world…definition of a guru: spell it: Gee You Are You

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