Real men eat Thai!

Forget Indian food, it’s for small girls! Forget Mexican, it would hardly cause Mr Kitty to meow in alarm. Thai food is where the burn is at. Sarah and I have just returned from a delicious meal in a street market in Chiang Mai. I chose the beef with sweet chili sauce, it was delicious, but sweet was not the word I would use to describe the inferno. Some three hours later it still feels like I have a fresh chili in my mouth. No doubt it will feel like it is somewhere else in the morning.

We have been up to all sorts of fun things, and we plan more for tomorrow. We will write a post with more info, and hopefully photos within the next couple of days.

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  • Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! I want cartoon-like flames firing out of my mouth because the food’s so hot.
    I love the fact that they’re still referring to it as sweet. Maybe “sweet” got lost in translation and it really should read “nuclear.” It’s a common mistake.

  • That’s because you were ordering off the tourist menu, specifically worded and designed for the entertainment and amusement of the waitstaff. I think we ought to adopt a similar sort of thing here in the cafe for those French Canadians who insist that we are wrong when we tell them that the Rockwell Museum in Corning has nothing to do with Norman Rockwell.

  • hold on a moment — let me say – i think real men eat HAGGIS or BAGEL’s….and no worrys about afters….

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