Albany Airport

It never ceases to amaze me when people are surprised to find themselves in the security check at the airport. You must have known you were planning on flying somewhere right? Why are you wearing three belts and carrying your hunting knife? Make everyone else’s life easier and just stay home!! A group of future soldiers (this is how they were referring to themselves and they all had “Go Army” backpacks) was in the line for the metal detector next to me and all I can say is yikes! I hope there is
extensive training in their future.

Also, that announcement about not carrying other peoples luggage is so ridiculous. I don’t even want to carry my own luggage for goodness sake! Why would anyone agree to carry a perfect strangers stuff as well as their own?

I’m feeling a little nervous about the logistics when when I get to Paris. I am planning on taking the train into the city if I can figure it out! I am going to spend some quality time on the flight reading my guidebook that I should have opened well before this. Hopefully it will answer all of my questions!


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  • Elizabeth

    Jan 6th, 2010

    Just remember to keep your train ticket on you so that when the nice men with guns get on the train demanding your ticket you have it!

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