My Plane

I should have realized something wasn’t right when instead of posting my flight on the electronic board a gate agent just put a plexi sign holder on the desk with the flight number on it. When I got to the end of the jet way I went down the steps and turned to the right and received my first view of the plane. It was tiny!! It turned out there were only 20 seats. The flight attendant checked our seatbelts and then stowed the three foot baguette one of the passengers was carrying (really the baguettes
are sooo good in Albany you have to bring one home to Canada with you?) and then climbed into the cockpit! My mistake he was the co-pilot. He then got on the overhead and warned us that it was going to be turbulent! I supposed it doesn’t take much wind to make it feel turbulent when you are flying something the size of a station wagon! He also informed us that no electronic devices were to be used at all for the duration of the flight. I suspect that it was because they were navigating the way to Toronto using
their i-phone and didn’t want anything to interfere with the signal.

I did arrive in one piece and am at the airport in Toronto now. I just bought a $2 bottle of water with my Amex card because the one kind of currency I don’t have is Canadian!

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  • ivor Patterson

    Jan 8th, 2010

    i like this –pre flight humour;;;;; have a nice time shopping…

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