You win some, you lose some

First thing today I sent off walking to the Opera Garnier (the Phantom’s Opera) to see if I could get tickets for the ballet. It is a very long way and it is very cold, but I digress. My walk took me past Cartier so I went in to have my ring cleaned because you might as well if you can! They were all very friendly and my ring is now sparkly. When I got to the box office at the Opera I literally got the last ticket for the show tonight. I couldn’t believe it. I am never that lucky! For lunch I wanted to go
to the Maison des Truffe and have a 30 euro omelet. Unfortunately even at 2:30 it was packed. What I fail to understand is the people who were waiting in line for a table with their 5 year old child. This place literally only serves about 20 items, they all contain truffles and they all are prohibitively expensive. When I was a kid, it was a special occasion if we got to get a happy meal at McDonalds ( my mother will write a comment trying to deny this but it is true)!

Other random musings:

I hate homeless people with dogs. What do you sedate them with so that they will lay still at your feet all day looking pathetic? All dogs I have ever known want to run around and play! I am not going to give you money just because I feel bad for your dog, but kudos to you for figuring out that people do feel worse for your pet than they do for you!

I was proud of myself for walking by not one but two Bennettons and not going inside. I did succumb to BCBG where I had the pleasure of being followed floor to floor by my own personal shop assistant. My favorite. Similar to shopping in markets in Asia except this guy wasn’t saying “I make you good deal pretty lady” he was just staring at me.

I saw a sign on a shop around the corner from my hotel that said “vacuum packed cheese can clear customs” and I am wondering if I should test this out.


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  • NO CHEESE!!! You know why!
    The guy with a basket of cats is outside my office today (yes office, because some of us are at work).
    Enjoy the show!

  • Hey, you were lucky you got McDonalds as a child. We were “Po”. Hope you enjoy the ballet. (Now that ballet song from Chorus Line keeps going through my mind!!)

  • Elizabethy

    Jan 8th, 2010

    Thanks for the song stuck in my head now mom! P.S. the dogs are laying there pathetic because they are probably starving.

  • Nice, now I feel like a bitch! Anyway, I’ve seen starving dogs in India and these dogs don’t look starving!

  • Better an unstarving dog, I guess, than a kid missing a few limbs, especially before lunch.

  • They don’t look like starving dogs to me. But the guy looks a lot like my old building superintendent in Manhattan who was part French/ part Greek and he was a real hustler type. When I was in California I saw people eating burritos and tacos on the street, often holding a briefcase or even a child in the other but when I tried it the filling spilled out all over my shoes. So I know what you mean, I guess you’ve got to work at it:)

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