Brasserie Balzar

I wasn’t planning on starving to death while I was here but I was very intimidated to go into a brasserie with its stereotypical waiters and French menu. There is a promising place in the block next to my hotel but I couldn’t quite bring myself to go inside. I walked a couple of blocks towards my destination the Musee de Cluny and came upon another place called Brasserie Balzar and forced myself to open the door and just go inside. It was very crowded but one of the waiters found me a table. I got a half bottle
of bourdeaux and to eat a something, something St. Jacques which rang a bell in the back of my head as something I had heard of before. It turned out to be scallops with risotto and asparagus with shaved Parmesan on the top. It was really good! First off the portion size was perfect, I was able to eat the whole thing which I never can do. Second, the atmosphere was so quintessentially French bistro that it almost felt like Disney World instead of real life. Thirdly I was sitting next to two British ladies who
informed me that it is actually quite famous and that in the 1920’s Literary people ate there (so they say)! I even successfully got the waiters attention to ask for the check.

After drinking half a bottle of wine I really don’t recommend going to look at tapestry. I am sure that the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are deservedly famous but after no sleep on the plane last night and my heavy  lunch I felt like my ability to appreciate it was somewhat impaired! I didn’t have any trouble, however, buying myself yet another sweater at the half price sale at Monoprix. It was only 15 euros!! 

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  • Well done for remembering that no more than one course in a meal should contain cheese! We will discuss the sweater at a later date!!!

  • Hey, I thought I told you – no more than one glass of wine at a time! 🙂

  • You are in Paris… have as much wine and cheese as you like

  • Look at you- spending my Hermes Scarf money on sweaters…

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