Churches and Shopping

I spent all day looking at churches and shopping, two of my favorite things! Repetto make point shoes and apparently regular shoes for the people who live in France. It seemed like a shame not to support their efforts, so I may have been forced to buy a pair of red, patent leather pumps! I assure you they are adorable. I may have also spent 60 euros on tights, but if you had seen the selection you would admire my restraint. I atoned for all of my shopping by going to St-Germain des Pres and St-Sulpice.

I really enjoyed my lunch again today. I finally had the chance to have escargot, which I love (see photos)! In fact I was on such a roll that I ordered dessert! I know, the words were out of my mouth before I even realized what I was saying. I never get dessert! It was also quite yummy! And for the record It is not my fault that they want you to order your wine in half or whole bottles!!  At least I didn’t get a whole bottle!

Today’s random musings:

To the well dressed woman at breakfast- Why did you steal all of the sugar cubes off your table? Are you going somewhere that is having a shortage?

To the maid-I hung my towels up because the sign says that if I do so, you will not replace them and thereby we will help save the environment. The towel I hung there did not have a hole in it and the towel that is there now does!! From this I deduce that you did not just do a crafty fold job on my towel, you replaced it! Tomorrow I  am taking all 4 of the towels regardless of whether I have used them or not and throwing them on the floor. If you are going to replace them anyway I might as well make
it worth your effort!


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  • Hey, from the pic that’s enough dessert for 5 people! I want some!

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