It’s Late

It is 11:30 which is way past my bed time, but I just wanted to say a couple of things. First, last night on my way home from the ballet I bought a crepe and tried to eat it while walking. I ended up throwing most of it away because it was very difficult to do. Tonight I saw a man walking briskly, successfully eating a crepe with one hand and carrying his little dog in the other! Maybe if I practiced more?

I have posted five more photos which all frankly suck, except I paid 2 euros to the “homeless” man from the other day to get a good shot of him and his dogs. Now Elizabeth you take a good look at that and tell me if you think any of them are starving!

I had nothing but wine and oysters for dinner. I got three different kinds and what I have learned is that bigger is definitely not always better, at least when it comes to oysters!

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  • He’s fattening those dogs for Easter!!!

  • By the time I remember that you are doing this, you’ll be home again!!! LOVE the pictures but wanted to SEE the red shoes!

  • 11:30…you wild woman.
    Used to know a homeless guy in Boston doing the “me and my poor dog thing”. He was actually homeless too…in Boston. His home was on the north shore. Had to drive an hour in every day…poor poor man. My heart really went out to him.
    And that gives me a plan b in case I ever loose my job. I’ve got an adorable dog…I could just head down to Poughkeepsie and look pathetic by the train station.

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