It Took Me Awhile!

It’s Amy this time. Hey, remember the old adage – “Toss a coin in the Fountain of Trevi and you will return to Rome”  Well, let’s see – I last did that in 1968!!!  Yeah it definitely took me a while but I made it!!

Today we had one of Sarah’s favorite death marches. We hiked all over Rome at least twice and I have seen every monument,fountain and ancient ruin there is to see – and this after 36 hours of being awake (No of course I couldn’t sleep a wink on our over night flight in my cramped upright position)  Where was my nice comfy business class seat?!  Oh right, you have to pay a bazillion dollars more for that.

But of course I am loving every minute of it!

PS Don’t you worry, Andy, I have 500 pictures of Rome’s finest stray cats!!

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  • Amy, sounds like you are having a good time and I am jealous. I am here with acute tonsilitus….I’d rather be there with sore feet. Remember, watch out for the Zingara(Gypsies)

  • Cathy Roe

    Jan 7th, 2011

    So glad I actually looked at Facebook to know you were doing this!!! Hope you finally got some sleep…no, wait…you can always sleep when you get home! Have fun! Cathy

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