First Hours in France

Since the rental at the winery doesn’t start until tomorrow we are staying at a hotel tonight. I picked a place that is a 16th Century castle! It is really a castle too, not some trumped up manor house. The walls are 2 feet thick, there are no windows on the first floor and we had to carry our suitcases up three flights of turret staircase, worn to vast un-evenness by 500 years of use. Great fun.

We arrived here at about 1:30 and we asked the desk clerk if he could recommend somewhere for lunch. He gave us “the look” and said that we would not be able to find a decent lunch at that ridiculous time of day but their might be somewhere in the village that we could get a slice of pizza or something. With skillful intonation he managed to make the words “slice of pizza” sound like something akin to eating puppy poo.

We walked into the village and found the ubiquitous takeaway selling pizza and doner kebabs. Since I am with Andy we ordered kebabs of course and sat down to wait for them. There was a TV on behind my head and after a few minutes some music started coming from it. At first I couldn’t place it but it seemed very familiar, then I realized it made me think of my former baby sitter. It was the theme music for The Young & The Restless!! So I looked up and that is exactly what it was dubbed into French!! We are definitely off to an interesting start.

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  • ivor Patterson

    May 19th, 2011

    watch— could be haunted– not many escape routes…..

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