Wedding Party

As it turns out I can party like it’s 1999 if I pace myself. The wedding ceremony was Friday at 4:00 with the drinking and canapes starting immediately after. From then on it was non-stop until midnight Saturday night with a 6 hour sleep break thrown in. There was a formal dinner with free flowing wine and dancing under the stars in the vineyard. In the morning there was a little old French man with a collie slow roasting a whole pig in the front yard. Then Ashish’s mom brought out vats of Indian food that she had been cooking since the day before (It is possible that I ate enough of her awesome rice to soak up the majority of the wine that I was drinking!).  Then there was more wine, more dancing and people being thrown into the pool! I did have to call it quits by midnight. I give kudos to the people that I could still here laughing at 2am!

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  • The collie was roasting a whole pig??!! 🙂 Sounds like quite a par-tay!

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