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4 million vineyards in Alsace…

…and I picked to go to the one with a view of the ultra quaint industrial park! (See photo gallery Alsace)

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Powder room

This is from several days ago at Fontainebleau, one of the former homes of the French kings… When you refer to the ladies room as the “powder room” that comes from the French court. Instead of taking a bath with water (horrors!) they would go into a special room and powder themselves from head to […]

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Should we watch cheese or snow?

In Strasbourg we are staying at a “quaint” 2 star hotel, that as Andy mentioned has a best feature of being close to the train station so that we didn’t have to walk very far with our luggage! In general, it really is a fine hotel (although since we used “points” to stay at a […]

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Andy’s Strasbourg!

Bit of a change from Paris, right off the train and none of the hustle and bustle! It proved to be true in many ways, Strasbourg is quaint and quiet, rustic and well worn. We arrived at the hotel, conveniently located to the station, and found it to be conveniently located to the station – […]

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New photos, from Strasbourg and surroundings.

You lucky, lucky people! New photos are now posted!

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Alsace wine region…closed

Bad news, it appears that our planned trip to the wineries may be dampened due to the closure of the scenic trails due to the (early) harvest Still, we will visit Obernai –

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Sarah starts an unusual collection

Sarah has taken it upon herself to start collecting animal poo! She is doing very well at it so far, the pride of the collection being an “Everest” of Horse dung, acquired in a small street, outside a grocery store. Today she has taken to the more mundane dog excrement.

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The light in Paris and other considerations

I am writing this on a high-speed TGV coasting through the countryside of France. It is smooth and quiet, with no indication of the thunderous roar occurring on the outside. We witnessed this yesterday as we waited for our train from Fontainebleu to Paris. Suddenly all the air was sucked from the platform, and our […]

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Final Paris photos…

…uploading now! uploaded!

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Old Friends

It was a nice surprise to hear from Frank and Pam. In fact, we like to get blog entries so everybody tell your friends!!

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