There are two platforms together at the airport train station for the trains to Paris. Everyone is waiting at platform 1 because the sign says that the train is due. After about five minutes of waiting a train comes at platform 2 so everyone gets on that train including me, but then the train just sits there and sits there. After awhile a train does come at platform 1 so everyone jumps off the train I am on and runs across for the other train. I don’t want to be the only person left sitting on
the train so I follow assuming that they all speak french and maybe they know something that I don’t. Of course then that train proceeds to sit there while the train we were all originally on leaves with like 6 people on board and we are all squashed together waiting for something to happen!

I am at my hotel now and it is quite nice. My room is small because it is a single but it has plenty of heat which is vitally important since it is freezing outside!! The average January temperature in Paris is supposed to be 40, instead it is 20 and snowy! The elevator would have given some of you (Elizabeth) the heart palpitations. It is tiny and very oddly shaped. I had to take my backpack off to fit inside!

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  • Elizabeth

    Jan 7th, 2010

    All I can say is that I would be looking for the stairs or sleeping in the lobby!

  • I’m SO glad your Mom told me you were doing this. I’ve already laughed so hard! Have a wonderful time!

  • I hope there is no fireplace in your hotel, otherwise you will never get outside! Bienvenue!!!

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